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Zarchi Architects: in a project of the veteran architectural firm a three-dimensional printing of a wide urban area was used to illustrate the urban construction plan. 
Architects and their clients cannot speak the language better than the physical model in their hands. To understand the idea of conceptual designs and the best way we have to see him not only in our minds, but also feel it ourselves. 
Zarchi architects were aware of the challenge of convincing the customer with a large project of urban planning, covering an area of fifteen acres. 
No matter how exquisite the architectural design is, it will eventually have to be comprehensible to the customer who ordered it. So traditionally it is customary to manually create physical models in a long process that requires complex and costly number of months of work and coordination with the person creating the model. 
Many difficulties were discovered when they started to create a three-dimensional printing – the need to produce a finished product in two days, printing of a Sketchup model in a big scale (1:1000) and technical defects in the computerized model that prevented the printing of the file as is. Assuming it was printed – it was likely to brake due to engineering limitations that are not reflected in computerized architectural drawing (represented by lines). 

The System (Powered by 3DMTP) allowed a dramatic improvement in the ability of Zarchi Architects to sell their ideas and effectively produce complex parts in large-scale fast and qualitatively so that within two days the costumer received a printed physical model to illustrate the planning idea. 
The system capability to print directly from your computer model enables the creation of physical models, in a short period of time and in a reasonable cost, removing the need for coordination between the 3D modelist and the architect for the original drawing is the architect's intention. 
Impressive result in this case was made in two parts plaster printed by a Zcorp 450 Printer each the size of nearly 15 * 15 cm.

Among the benefits enjoyed by customers in the printing process include: 
• Simplicity - the tedious process of coordination between the architects and modelers is spared when a computer model created by the architect is sent directly to print.
• Speed - there is no doubt that the implementation of manual file preparation for printing was unable to produce a printed product within two working days.
• Quality and accuracy - the product printed accurately represents the 1:1000 scale, without a room for human calculation errors.
• Quantity - the client could print out the model in a number greater than 1, which would take considerable time performing manual. The printer can copy the model again and again in the cost of printing time and raw material only. 

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